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  • System includes the biometric fingerprint scanner for faster and more secure login
  • System includes an OCR Driver's License Scanner
  • Custom controlled access through a login screen, utilizing user identification & passwords
  • User friendly touchscreen integrated onto machine
  • Secure internal carousel which opens to individual bins, allowing access to one key at a time
  • Unique key management software is customizable to fit dealership needs
  • Unit is complete - No additional components, keys, tags or fobs to purchase

    For inquiries, purchasing information, and other questions relating to Key Kontrol, please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you for your interests in Key Kontrol!

    Also available
    online is our
    PDF brochure.

    Safely secures up to 384 keys.
    42" x 32" x 72"
    Safely secures up to 896 keys.
    42" x 32" x 72"

    One Key at a Time


  • View the entire program “real time” from an office desktop. Network multiple Key Kontrol systems to compile information into one management report.
  • Use Bulk Load/Unload feature to quickly manage a group of keys, or the entire dealership.
  • Key Kontrol software integrates with ADP®’s Dealer Management System to link inventory and customer Information in “real time.”
  • Use the Search Feature on the Stock Manager Screen to quickly access groups of keys.
  • Group vehicles by location or category to increase functionality of the dealership with the Key Kontrol System.

  • Managers assign an individual ID and password to each user.
  • Managers assign security access levels to users. This controls inventory access and the amount of keys each user can check out at one time.
  • All activity related to each key in the system is tracked. Know who has a key, why, and a history of actions taken – organized by date, time and user.
  • Maintain information on current and sold vehicles for review.
  • All security information is organized by time, date, user and inventory.

    Customer Database
    Use the driver’s license scanner mounted to each unit’s front door to capture customer information quickly. Create a database of customer leads to promote sales follow-ups. One swipe of the driver’s license will capture the information including name, address, license number and a complete image. 

  • Add phone numbers and notes to capture data about the customer’s experience.
  • Encryption of license information assures security.

    Dealership Experience:  Advantages of the Key Kontrol System
  • Know which vehicles interest customers.
  • Learn details about what goes on during new sales opportunities.
  • Lost keys can be tracked to the last user.
  • Easily manage thousands of keys with complete accountability.
  • Intuitive application can be customized for specific dealership needs.
  • Know the inventory recently received, and which keys have not yet been loaded into the system.
  • Key management becomes easy for everyone in the dealership.

    Dealership Feedback:  Based on the First Year Ownership
  • 8% savings on liability insurance
  • Key system customer log brought 14 more sales, resulting in $30,000 additional sales profit.
  • Dealership did not lose one key. (Previously, an average of 2 keys were lost per year.)
  • A total of $39,000 saved – based upon insurance savings, zero key replacement cost, and sales profit – the key machine has paid for itself within one year!
    Printable Reports
    View and analyze complete dealership activity with detailed reports and graphic displays.

    WHY: reasons for removal
    WHERE: lot location of each vehicle
    WHEN: time and date of each action taken
    WHO: users who have checked out vehicles,
    Time, date, reason & vehicle description


    Choose parameters to sort by day, week, month or specific time frame.

    View dealership activity at a glance with graphic chart detail.

    Optional software "Report Manager for Desktop" easily integrates with the KeyGo system and offers additional reporting features.